Mass Culture and 2009

23 11 2009

The proliferation of movies, radios, music and sports helped create a national culture, (Roark, 602). As the traditional bonds of community, religion, and family loosened, the young felt less pressure to imitate their elders and more freedom to develop their own culture, (Roark, 604).  Thanks to the late 1920s, Americans have tons of entertainment to enjoy. The movie industry has expanded. Since then with a variety of different movies. For example, scary, love, kids etc. In the 1920s i was radios. Thanks to advanced technology in 2009 we have iPods, mp3, etc. Music has expanded also into many genres such as rap, r&b, hip-hop, country western, jazz, etc. Also sports have come a long way, there are national leagues etc. It’s more popular to watch sports and they are more sports to watch such as basketball, soccer, football just to name a few. If it wasn’t for the mass culture in the 1920s the entertainment that we enjoy now wouldn’t be here




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