1920s Consumer Culture and 2009

10 11 2009

Mass production fueled corporate profits and national economic prosperity. Despite a brief postwar recession, the economy grew spectacular during the 1920s, ( Roark, 596). Mass production of a broad range of new products, automobiles, radios, refrigerators, electric irons, washing machines produced a consumer-goods revolution, ( Roark, 596). In this new era of abundance, more people than ever conceived of the American dream in terms of the things they could acquire. ( Roark, 596). This era then sparked the consumer America as we know it today. Since the 1920s products have become more advanced, along with more expensive. The corporations supply the products that we as the consumers demand. Everyday there is a new product being produced to replace the old one. Being the consumer culture that we are, regardless the price we feel the need to buy the latest trend. Thanks to the 1920s the American society worries more about what they can buy instead of what they can save.




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