The New Deal and The Change

3 11 2009

In 1932, Franklin Delano Roosevelt ran for president. During this time period  the Great Depression suppressed millions of Americans. To help the American people and the economy get back on its feet, FDR created the New Deal. The New Deal was a series of government related programs that were designed to help people get jobs, help banks, companies among many other things (Roark 622-624). Thanks to FDR’s New Deal the country did get some relief from the bad economy by providing millions of poor Americans with jobs. Like FDR, President Obama had also promised the American people a change. In the election of 2008 Obama’s main issue he focused on was change in the American economy. Since then, during his presidency Obama has promoted and encouraged education among children. He has also tried to create a healthcare reform. So far he has accomplished alot in the situation he has been forced into. Unlike FDR, Obama doesn’t have alot of time to fix all the problems that has occured. Even though I couldn’t vote in the past election it did affect me because, I have to live in the devastating economy as everyone else, and I hope Obama keeps his promise about change.




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