Mass Culture and 2009

23 11 2009

The proliferation of movies, radios, music and sports helped create a national culture, (Roark, 602). As the traditional bonds of community, religion, and family loosened, the young felt less pressure to imitate their elders and more freedom to develop their own culture, (Roark, 604).  Thanks to the late 1920s, Americans have tons of entertainment to enjoy. The movie industry has expanded. Since then with a variety of different movies. For example, scary, love, kids etc. In the 1920s i was radios. Thanks to advanced technology in 2009 we have iPods, mp3, etc. Music has expanded also into many genres such as rap, r&b, hip-hop, country western, jazz, etc. Also sports have come a long way, there are national leagues etc. It’s more popular to watch sports and they are more sports to watch such as basketball, soccer, football just to name a few. If it wasn’t for the mass culture in the 1920s the entertainment that we enjoy now wouldn’t be here


The Montgomery bus boycott and 2009

19 11 2009

In the 1960s the civil rights movement was at its peak. Martin Luther King Jr, NAACP, and many other African Americans fought for the rights that I receive today. The most memorable protest that they fought was the Montgomery bus boycott. This protest lasted about 100 days and it was successful. It was successful because, not only was it peaceful but it also put a hole in the pockets of the bus company. Even though it was peaceful, there was a lot of violence because of the changes the African Americans were trying to make. Thanks to these people to this day, I have the right to sit at the front of the bus. But, sometimes I think that all their work was done in vain. Even though black people have the right to sit at the front, they mostly sit at the back. That’s not what Martin Luther King Jr, the NAACP, and many other African Americans fought for. It doesn’t seem like people appreciate what they did for us.

1920s Consumer Culture and 2009

10 11 2009

Mass production fueled corporate profits and national economic prosperity. Despite a brief postwar recession, the economy grew spectacular during the 1920s, ( Roark, 596). Mass production of a broad range of new products, automobiles, radios, refrigerators, electric irons, washing machines produced a consumer-goods revolution, ( Roark, 596). In this new era of abundance, more people than ever conceived of the American dream in terms of the things they could acquire. ( Roark, 596). This era then sparked the consumer America as we know it today. Since the 1920s products have become more advanced, along with more expensive. The corporations supply the products that we as the consumers demand. Everyday there is a new product being produced to replace the old one. Being the consumer culture that we are, regardless the price we feel the need to buy the latest trend. Thanks to the 1920s the American society worries more about what they can buy instead of what they can save.

The New Deal and The Change

3 11 2009

In 1932, Franklin Delano Roosevelt ran for president. During this time period  the Great Depression suppressed millions of Americans. To help the American people and the economy get back on its feet, FDR created the New Deal. The New Deal was a series of government related programs that were designed to help people get jobs, help banks, companies among many other things (Roark 622-624). Thanks to FDR’s New Deal the country did get some relief from the bad economy by providing millions of poor Americans with jobs. Like FDR, President Obama had also promised the American people a change. In the election of 2008 Obama’s main issue he focused on was change in the American economy. Since then, during his presidency Obama has promoted and encouraged education among children. He has also tried to create a healthcare reform. So far he has accomplished alot in the situation he has been forced into. Unlike FDR, Obama doesn’t have alot of time to fix all the problems that has occured. Even though I couldn’t vote in the past election it did affect me because, I have to live in the devastating economy as everyone else, and I hope Obama keeps his promise about change.

The Great Crash and The Recession

27 10 2009

In 1929 the Great Crash devastated the American nation. It was the result of the collapsed stock market and many other severe problems (Roark, 608-611). Many people lost their jobs, homes, among many other possessions. The president during the period, Herbert Hoover, set-up acts and tariffs to aid the devastating economy. In the end none of his programs worked, instead of the economy turning around, it got worse (Roark, 608-611). In 2009, the American people are going through a similar situation. But it’s not as bad as a depression, that’s because it’s a recession. Like 1929, the current recession we are in is for the same reasons. The stock market is constantly going up and down, and also because of other problems. So far the recession did take its toll on many companies, the American people, and banks.  Although the recession was a downfall, it is showing some relief  to the economy. But, there is still many problems that need to be fixed before the country can get back on its feet.

MHCC and the labor movement

19 10 2009

During the Labor movement workers were being put in poor work conditions for low pay. The union was created for workers to have a voice against the big factories they were working for. Sometimes workers got their better conditions and wages, other times no changes were made. Just like the workers during the Labor movement, I’m going through a similar situation. At the job I work at, Middle sex Health Care Center there is no union. So therefore the facility can do whatever they want with the employees. For example, they can give hours to whatever employee they want, hire new people at random, decrease bonuses, eliminate overtime among other things. The working conditions at Middle sex Health Care Center are getting worse everyday, and nothing can be done because, without the union the employees have no chance. I think my job needs to get the union because, the working conditions would get ten times better than they are now.

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13 10 2009

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